What is Squadron UK?

Squadron UK is THE British Superhero Role-Playing Game. Although a completely new game – this is a classic, old-school system honed to perfection by a player, referee and writer with decades of Superhero Gaming experience.

What's so special about it?

* Addictive character generation - the perfect blend of random rolling and design.

* Fast and furious combat - that makes you feel like you're IN the comic.

* Innovative campaign rules - this is a full role-playing game, not just a combat game.

What's in this book?

* The complete Basic game system - with simplified character creation and an example adventure to get you up and running within minutes.

* Advanced rules to allow experienced players to customise the game to their tastes.

* A complete example campaign "Squadron: Birmingham" - months of adventure.

Available as a softcover book with Black and White interior or as a full colour hardback - both available from RPGNOW.COM.