This is the web-site of Simon Burley. I write and self-publish tabletop roleplaying games as a hobby - on non-profitmaking basis. I am still probably best known for the game GOLDEN HEROES - a British Superhero Roleplaying game - which I created and co-authored back on the 1980's. It was published - at the time - by Games Workshop and is still fondly remembered by many people.

I currently publish a range of tabletop RPGs and related products and tour games conventions across the country demonstrating them.
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17th January

I've just received my first proof copy of my THE CODE OF STEAM AND STEEL steampunk rules in the post. I must say it looks awesome. Got to do some fiddling with the cover and a final proof-read. Apart from that, everything looks full steam ahead!

16th January

THE CODE OF THE SPACELANES has just received a 5 star rating on the RPGNOW website!

4th January

Launch of the new web-site. Why? Well I simply haven't been maintaining the old one. I'm hoping this website will be more informative and informal than my old one. I also intend to keep it more up-to-date.

Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th January 2015

I've just attended STABCON. This is a friendly, smallish bi-annual Gaming convention in Stockport that's just had its 25th anniversary. I'm not sure if that's 25 years or 25 conventions (12 years) and been organised by the same people all that time. Well organised and quirky it benefits from being based in a run of the mill hotel which makes it the best value weekend of gaming there is.

I had an extremely successful weekend being able to referee 4 sessions of my games - two of my CODE OF THE SPACELANES games and the first two playtests of my CODE OF STEAM AND STEEL steampunk rules. The playtests went well with extremely positive feedback. I also received the completed front cover for the rulebook during the weekend - which is a work of beauty.

Thanks to the organisers, anyone I met and anyone I played with!