This is the web-site of Simon Burley. I write and self-publish tabletop roleplaying games as a hobby - on non-profitmaking basis. I am still probably best known for the game GOLDEN HEROES - a British Superhero Roleplaying game - which I created and co-authored back on the 1980's. It was published - at the time - by Games Workshop and is still fondly remembered by many people.

I currently publish a range of tabletop RPGs and related products and tour games conventions across the country demonstrating them.
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I'll be at the following events in the coming months:

PLAY MARGATE - 21st-23rd August
SHADOWCON (London) - 29th-30th August
REUNICON (Brighton) - 5th September
CONCRETE COW (Milton Keynes) - 12th September
DRAGONDAZE (Newport) - 19th September

I look forward to meeting you all there.

August 2015

I've finished the first draft of the Anime rules. They're out for checking with some Anime fans and supporters of the CODE rules. I've also started to work on my new game. Tentatively called "Unbounded" the initial ideas look to be workable. So I'll be testing it over the next few months.

July 2015

I've had an idea for a new set of rules, somewhere between the ultra-lite CODE books and my more traditional Squadron UK set of rules. I intend to explore this over the next few months. In the meantime, I HAD been working on an Anime version of the CODE rules - THE CODE OF SHOJO AND SHONEN - I need to get them finished.

Friday 3rd June - Sunday 5th June

Summer StabCon. The friendly medium sized convention in Stockport. I took THE COMICS CODE out for a run, again. However, My main innovation at this convention was to use THE CODE OF THE SPACELANES to run some scenarios based upon the classic "Firefly" TV series. They went as well as I'd hoped and expected.

Thursday 28th May - Sunday 31st May

The BIG one. UK Games expo. The biggest games convention in the country. Excellent as ever. I ran a Squadron UK tournament. The prize in the final is the final scenario as a published book featuring all of the finalists' unique Superheroes. More news on this later.

I also ran loads of games of all my "code" books. THE CODE OF STEAM AND STEEL was nominated for "Best New Role-Playing Game" in the Expo awards but garnered some excellent Judges' Comments:

"Less than a tenner for a truly original system that combines well dice and narrative playing, easily on my top ten purchases of the year."

"Excellent game, easy to reference, fast to generate characters and faster to play, one for my group this year for sure."

Saturday 30th April

I travelled down to Dorchester for the inaugural CONTROLL convention - mainly as player. However, I ran a demonstration game of THE CODE OF STEAM AND STEEL in the evening, which went down well.